Epilogue — CLaims & Ratings

Overall: Claims in the epilogue focus on leveraging empathy and related emotions to create a better future. While some of this research is well supported, much of it is new. More direct replications will help assess the reliability of this early work.

Claim 8.1: Gratitude helps people think about the long-term.
Rating: 3
Several promising studies suggest that gratitude helps facilitate long-term thinking, making people more likely to delay gratification or sacrifice for future generations. However, this body of evidence is still relatively small, and further research is needed to replicate these findings.

Claim 8.2: Awe inspires connectedness and generosity
Rating: 4
Recently, awe has emerged as an emotion of vast interest in psychological science. Findings from these research studies strongly support the idea that experiencing awe inspires feelings of interconnectedness and generous, prosocial behavior. 

Claim 8.3: When people think about their legacy, they become more committed to sacrificing for future generations
Rating: 3
Several compelling studies suggest that helping individuals think about their legacies encourages people to sacrifice for future generations, for example, by engaging in sustainable activities to address climate change. However, these lines of research are relatively new and need to be replicated.